Commission Disclosure

You are a highly valued customer, and our firm takes pride in the services we provide to you. Acting as an independent insurance brokerage, we are able to offer you excellent service and competitive prices because we can access insurance coverage, in most cases, from more than one insurance company.

Under California Law, insurance broker-agents are not generally held to be responsible for determining the amount of insurance a consumer needs, or even the types of insurance that you as the consumer need. We have provided types and amounts of insurance to you based on coverage required at minimum by State of California within Legislative Bill AB1523 effective July 1, 2015 for compliance through the Dept. of Social Services to maintain the Facility License. We have the ability to obtain policies from a variety of competing insurers. However, we have made a business decision to submit most online applications for general/professional liability insurance through Lloyd’s of London if we believe its products are suitable for the insurance needs you communicate to us including communication through our online quoting system.

Please remember, however, that you are ultimately responsible for determining which insurance company you want to underwrite your policy, what coverages you need for your protection, the amount of insurance you need, and other issues. We assure every client and potential client that our decisions with respect to placement of your insurance have always been and will continue to be guided by the best interests of our clients.



Built Insurance Brokerage LLC is paid a commission for the placement of this policy. In most cases, we are paid a commission which is fixed or based on a percentage of the premium that you pay for your policy. This commission percentage is set by the Insurance Company and is included as a part of the insurance premium you pay.

Any additional or incentive compensation we receive from the insurer is paid to Built Insurance Brokerage LLC, and not the individual broker or employee of ours who is working with you to obtain the insurance products or services you have requested. Built Insurance Brokerage LLC also receives compensation by a Finance Company, only if payment plan is selected by you, for the placement of financing your Insurance Policy.



Built Insurance Brokerage LLC charges you a broker fee for placing your policy, in addition to commission income. Los Angeles County is $130 and all other CA Counties is $240. The policy includes a $150 Policy fee which is used for the cost of filing of surplus lines taxes in addition to the base premium. These fees are fully earned and non-refundable and are included in the “review proposal” section displaying a breakdown of all fees that you have agreed to prior to purchasing Insurance.

CA Dept of Insurance Commission Disclosure Notice: (broker fee agreement referred to below is to be signed within “review proposal” prior to purchasing.)

  1. Do not sign any broker fee agreement unless all of its blank lines and spaces have been filled-in and you have read this entire document and the agreement carefully.
  2. Your insurance broker represents you, the consumer, and is entitled to charge a broker fee if he/she chooses. This fee is not set by law, and may be negotiable between you and the broker.
  3. It is illegal or improper for an insurance broker to charge you a fee for placing coverage solely with the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan or the California FAIR Plan. Fees may be charged for placement of other coverages
  4. Broker fees are often non-refundable even if you cancel your coverage. Refer to your broker fee agreement to see if your broker fee is non-refundable. However, you may be entitled to a full refund of a broker fee if your broker acted incompetently or dishonestly. Unresolved disputes over non-refunded broker fees can be forwarded to the Department of Insurance for review.
  5. You are entitled to obtain and keep a completed copy of this disclosure and any broker fee agreement you sign.
  6. Your broker may receive commission from insurance company/ies for placing your insurance. This commission may be paid to your broker by the insurance company/ies in addition to any broker fee you pay.
  7. If you will be paying your premium in installments to a finance company, by law you must receive a copy of a premium finance disclosure and agreement. Be sure to obtain and read those documents before signing a premium finance agreement. Also, ask the broker if the insurer offers its own installment payment plan. Insurer installment plans are often cheaper than premium financing through a separate premium finance company.


If your broker is placing automobile coverage, your broker must provide you with a copy of the current Department of Insurance Automobile Insurance pamphlet. If your broker is placing residential coverage, your broker must provide you with a copy of the current Department of Insurance Residential Insurance pamphlet. By signing this disclosure you acknowledge receipt of the appropriate pamphlet(s).  

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information about any aspect of the compensation we earn on your account, please contact your client service representative or:


Blake Thompson, President

Built Insurance Brokerage LLC
32107 Lindero Cyn Rd #228
Westlake Village CA 91361
Phone (805) 413-5668

Thank you for choosing us and allowing us to serve your insurance needs.

You agree to the following subjectivities and requirements to participate in the Workers Comp program: 1) Must have NO claims in the previous 3 years. A “No Loss Letter” will be required stating you have had no claims. 2) All Employees must be on payroll. 3) All Relatives must be on payroll (Unless they are Owners). If you have had any claims in the previous 3 years, you must submit Loss Runs for review to or by fax at (805) 367-4521.